I am more than that.  I am a mother, a partner, a really good friend, a saver and a fixer.  I am really needy sometimes.  I am vulnerable and raw, then embarrassed that I let myself be seen.  I am strong and stubborn more than necessary.  I’m so in love with love, it has hurt me.  I’m so in love with love, it has saved me.  I try too hard.  I am obsessed with my children’s happiness.  I am overwhelmed by the demands of motherhood.  I am fueled by admiration.  I am lifted by people brave enough to say they are not brave.  At times I wish everyone would just leave me alone.  I am full of gratitude.  I am scared I will never be good enough.  I am eternally hopeful.

I am a human being.  So are you.

When you feel resistance, try to be curious enough to listen to me. When you feel stuck and exhausted, know that I am here with you. When you find it impossible to believe what I propose, just fake it until you feel it. When you need inspiration, I will tell you my story another time.  Or somebody else’s who is generous enough to join us.  I will remind you that I am human just like you, right by your side.  I am no better because I am sitting on this side of the couch.  Once you “get” what I’m telling you, our positions could be easily reversed.  

Take solace in that.

Come along on this journey.  Live a life of truth.  Release your pain.  Imagine that you have a choice.  Suspend your disbelief.  Consider that your burden could be lighter, even if the details of your life remain exactly the same.  Stop tolerating discontent, misery, helplessness, resignation.  Let go of the giving up.  If you can’t do it for you, start by doing it for me.  It won’t be long before you are doing it for both of us. 

When I ask you to be thoughtful about something, consider that the life you save is your own.  When I ask you to tell me your darkest most raw primitive truths, realize that you are most importantly speaking to yourself.  No one else needs to hear.  But YOU do.  

The life you save is your own.  (Did I say that already?)  The world will not come crashing down.  You will not drown.  

You will breathe. 

Don’t be afraid, I will help you.

The Meaning of Truth