An Open Letter to Lady Gaga: Let me help you.

Dear Lady Gaga,

You are hurting, and I can help you.

Your first reaction may be to dismiss this out of hand. But I know I can help you, and knowing something is a powerful thing. It changes lives and it inspires humanity. You know a lot about knowing who you are, and what you believe. I am like you, and I know that I can help you leave your chronic pain behind. Please let me.

I have been following your chronic pain journey on social media, and sending you love and light every day. Today I decided that love and light weren’t enough. If I am to practice that which I preach, I must speak out and give the universe a chance to deliver this message to you. 

Your pain is real. Your agony is real. It is physical, and it is excruciating. I know this to be true, personally. But if you are hurting enough to surrender for a moment and try anything, perhaps I can crack the shell of your mind to let in this pinprick of light: 

Although physical pain is felt in our bodies, there is more than one way to reach the same conclusion. 

I practice from a mind/body perspective, and my clients get well. Not better, well. And if you take the hand I am reaching in your direction, I will prove this to you.

I have a client who was hospitalized for over a year, nationally and internationally, with pain so severe she was suicidal. She is now pain free and just graduated from veterinary school. She will talk to you. I have a client who went to her son’s wedding in a wheelchair last year. Today she swims and plays 18 holes of golf on any given day. She will tell you her story. I, myself, was wracked with pain so severe and a diagnosis so grave, that I was told I would never have biological children. They are now 15, 13 and 9. 

I know you have fabulous doctors and people who love and support you. I know you have the best that medicine has to offer, and I would never deign to suggest that I know more than anyone who is assisting in your care. I just know different. I know something that saved my own life when nothing else could, and led me to devote the rest of it to guiding others on the healing journey that has transformed people from all walks of life. 

I send this into the universe with an open hand, and an open heart. I send it to you, and I hope that our paths are meant to cross. You are far too beautiful a force to be stuck in this confusion. Let me help you to make things clear. You don’t have to believe me yet, you just need to say yes. Everything good begins with a yes.

With love,

Nicole Sachs, LCSW