Viewer Questions Answered

For today’s purpose I have chosen two questions that cover two themes that I see over and over in my emails. Watch the video or read on for questions and answers!

The first question has to do with structural abnormalities. One of my readers wrote something along the lines of: “If you have a general structural abnormality, like a bulging disc or spondylolisthesis, or let’s say you have cartilage rubbing up against itself in the knee, when we have our x-rays and our MRIs and we have structural issues within our bodies – can this method erase those problems?”

Well no, not technically. If you took an MRI of my spine right now, it would look exactly the same, if not potentially worse than it did 25 years ago. That doesn't mean that you have to have pain. What Dr. Sarno suggested is that we all take bumps and bruises as we grow and we're all shaped differently. Our bodies don't necessarily look like the skeleton you saw in science class growing up, but that doesn't mean you need to be in pain. What I would say, in terms of this work, done correctly and with the proper JournalSpeak™, is that it might not erase the way your body looks technically on the inside, but it will erase the symptoms associated with that problem.

It's funny. I saw a friend yesterday. We were on the boardwalk with the kids and I said "You know, if you put your fingers down my spine, you can feel where my spine is abnormal." She felt it. She was like "Ew." It's true. I have no back pain. I was disabled in back pain and now I have no back pain. Yeah, I'm sure my spine doesn't look like a perfect glowing example, but it ends up that it doesn't matter. I know this is a real departure from some of the ways we have been taught to think, and so the question I always ask you is, "How long would you like to suffer?" This is your life. You get to lead it any way you choose and if something that you do can alleviate your pain, does it really matter that your discs look like they're bulging? What if it doesn't matter? How crazy is that? What if it doesn't matter?

That's what I will say in terms of that first question and all the related questions I have received around the way your films look, your MRIs, your different ways you've been told by doctors that you aren't right. I say what if it doesn't matter? That's the first thing I want to say in response to that question.

The second question I had, and I get this question a lot in different forms is, “how can I do this without you? How can I do this without having you actually in the room with me?”

One of the things I write in my book is I can't be a therapist in the room with you, but read this book and maybe in some way I can be. People read the examples of my client success stories and they say "But wait. These people worked with you." Here's what I want to say to inspire those people. I want to say that yes, the inspired stories in the book and that I write about, obviously are people I have known, but I get hundreds of emails from people who have just read the book and have been able to journal themselves to a pain free life. I want to tell you how possible this is. How many people write to me and say "I wish I knew you but I actually didn't need to know you. I had it in me all along." It's like Dorothy from the Wizard of OZ, but it's true.

I also have a self-led, online course that walks you through this entire process to healing. You can learn more about Freedom from Chronic Pain: The Course here.

I want to inspire you that you can do this. That if you make your lists, if you attend to your own feelings by doing the JournalSpeak™, you can do this. All of these phrases, if you haven't watched my videos or read my prior posts or my book, might not make sense, but go ahead and go do that for yourself. Give yourself that gift because it's possible for you, too.

I have these conversations with people all the time, people who saw my most recent TV appearance and are coming up to me and saying "Oh my goodness. I really related to what you had to say." They said "How is this going to work? This isn’t going to make big money for anyone. This isn't a new drug that's coming out or a new surgery that's going to heal you in a simpler fashion. How can we possibly spread this idea far and wide when it's not going to make many people money?" I say "Here's the deal. This is your life, so it might not work for everybody, but I'm here to tell you with an open and full heart that it can work for you, so what do you choose?" If each person, if millions of people each choose for themselves, then we have a movement here, then we have a revolution and that's what I would like to inspire.

With that, I will close the session for today but please keep sending me your questions and I will do my very best to come back here and address more of them. I wish you peace and strength on your journey because I know it isn't easy, but it is possible.